Commonly asked questions about our Internet Filtering

Question - How long has True Vine Online been in business?
Answer - True Vine began filtering Internet connections in 1999. We are one of the oldest Internet Filtering business on the Internet. We continue to adjust and modify our service to meet the constantly changing Internet filtering demands.

Question - How do I sign up for service?
Aanswer - We offer many solutions for Internet filtering, depending upon the device that you have and the level of filtering that you desire. Begin by selecting the device that you have and purchase the filtering for that device. Once your filter is set up, we will personally set your filtering preferences.

Question - I want a filter that does not allow access to bad sites, even with a password. Do you offer that?
Answer - Yes, You may elect not to have the password. Many of our customers choose this option for obvious reasons; they wouldn't call us to unblock a porn site for them and they have no password that allows access.

Question - I am filtering my business computers and I absolutely need an over ride password in the event that a necessary site is blocked. Does your filter offer a password protected over ride option?
Answer -Absolutely! We recognize the need for filtering business computer systems and the flexibility and necessity of immediate over ride options. You can be given a password and administrative access to your account to make individual site over rides and also to manage the functionality of your account.

Question - What are your business hours?
Answer - Our phones are open for customer assistence from 11am to 7pm Eastern Time. If you have questions outside of those hours, you may leave a voice mail or send an email and your questions or concerns would be handled as soon as we open.

Question - I have different types of devices that I use to access the Internet. Do you have a filter that will work on anything I have?
Answer - The answer to that is Probably "Yes". However, there are some devices and applications on those devices that are incompatible with Internet filtering. Please call with specific questions that you have regarding equipment not listed in our filtering solutions.

There are many, many questions that you may have regarding individual sites and wether they are blocked or allowed. The answer depends entirely on the filtering rules that you request. The short answer is that we block pornography on all filtering accounts. There is no option to specifically allow pornography. All other categories on the Internet may be approved or denied at your request.